Airstream Adventures

Our 1970's Life.

Kathy, Karen, Karol and Kelly. 

We are the Four Kays. 

Four sisters growing up in the 70's when bell bottoms, shagged carpet, and Evel Knievel was trending. On Christmas 1972 we were each gifted a Kodak Pocket Instamatic Camera.  From then on our Pogo Stick, Rock'em Sock'em Robots, and Hula Hoops were passed over for our new found passion: photography.

Christmas time was also when our family would travel around the country with our Airstream trailer. During one of these adventures we crowned our Dad "The King of Roadside Markers" because he would make us stop at EVERY SINGLE ONE along our path. His appreciation of these landmarks taught us more than history. It showed us the importance of story telling - whether through words, art or photography.  He would read each sign outloud to us and share his perspective, while we snapped away with our cameras. 

At ages 9 and 13, the resulting pictures weren't that great - trust us, we've gotten much better over the years - but the memories are the best. We now share these bits and pieces of our own childhood with our children, telling our own history through the photographs.

Because of the adventures with our Airstream and because of the King of Roadside Markers, Kathy and Karol (the 1st and 3rd kays) are inspired to capture the spirit of simple family times, as well as create images that resonate for all generations. 



We love what we do, as we masterfully blend artful and timeless images to create your classic family heirloom.


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